Posted: June 9, 2016

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Waffle Sandwich and Bloody Marys

We are all familiar with the happy hour hotspots in Midtown East that beckon the 9-5 crowd fleeing the high-rises at 5 o’clock during the week, but many overlook this area when seeking sustenance for weekend brunch. The Atwood Kitchen & Bar Room on Second Avenue is serving up some killer brunch items that will put the neighborhood on the map for the weekend crowd. With two floors of chic dining space, this welcoming spot will make you wonder why you spent so many weekends fighting the grumpy, hung-over crowds in the Village. Whether you seek a light, sensible brunch, or are desperate for something that helps you forget that you saw the sunrise before going to bed, Atwood has you covered.

If you are the early morning type and are looking for something after that yoga or cycling class, we would have to recommend the crab toast with salsa verde or the delicious BLT. The toast is smothered in crabmeat and is perfect to share, while the BLT with added egg and avocado is so good, you may finish it before anyone can even ask you to share. Now, if you totally slept through the morning exercise and are wearing sunglasses indoors while asking people to keep their voices down (we’ve all been there), Atwood has some great options to help you recover. The farm egg and waffle sandwich is large and in charge, and comes stuffed with bacon, white cheddar, and drizzled with a slightly spicy honey. They also offer a sexy looking spicy pork hash, and were voted “Best Mac and Cheese” last year by TimeOut magazine.

No matter if you woke up bright and early, ready to take on the day or just can’t wait to crawl back into bed until Monday morning, Atwood has the food and atmosphere for a perfect brunch experience.

How about that bloody? The “Fully Loaded” Bloody Mary comes topped with chorizo, bacon, and house-pickled vegetables, and we promise not to tell if you skip the entrees entirely, and just order two or three of these for your meal. They also offer other traditional brunch cocktails, along with margaritas and delicious, fruit-covered house sangria if you are in need of something sweet.