Posted: January 3, 2016

Sambuca Shrimp, Shepherd’s Pie Empanadas, and the Big Kahuna Burger – Austin’s Ale House

When people support local businesses, it strengthens their community. The patrons of Austin’s Ale House—a 25 year-old local steak-and-ale house in Kew Gardens— exemplify this kind of support. Dishes like Sambuca Shrimp, Shepherd’s Pie empanadas and the monstrous Big Kahuna burger make Austin’s the go-to neighborhood spot for great food and familiar faces.

Austin’s broad menu spans almost every kind of cuisine. If you find yourself torn between the Sambuca shrimp and the Shepherd’s Pie empanadas, don’t settle on one or the other; order both of these great dishes. The locally-sourced shrimp are plump and bathe in a sweet, creamy Sambuca sauce with roasted tomatoes and toasted garlic bread. You might think that Sambuca and shrimp shouldn’t mix. Try this dish, and think again.

The Shepherd’s Pie empanadas come served with a house-made chimichurri sauce, which at first seems like an unusual pairing, but after you marry the two and take a bite, you can’t picture yourself eating another piece of Shepherd’s Pie without it.

When your server finally presents you with the Big Kahuna burger, you’ll immediately understand why we’re telling you to get it. Cheddar cheese, teriyaki sauce and a slice of fresh pineapple (Hawaiian-style) top this 12 ounce patty of Black Angus beef. Think you can handle it? We do.

Each day of the week, Austin’s specials, like Prime Rib Monday and Lobster Lover Tuesday, attract neighborhood crowds to eat, drink, and catch up with friends. With 20 beers on tap, including the locally brewed Finback IPA, and plenty of space to mingle, it’s the perfect place to bring family or even to cater a party. Throughout the restaurant, local artist’s paintings hang on the walls, creating a feeling of regional comradery.

Austin’s Ale House= #noBSfood & #noBSdrinks

by: Ryan Unger