Posted: August 11, 2016

Seasonal/Local Meat & Produce Made to Order

Here at Food ‘n’ Festivities, we are always on the lookout for what’s new and exciting, and after our visit to Bespoke Kitchen in the West Village, we have found a new style of dining that showcases the abilities of a highly skilled chef and staff. Bespoke offers a few set menu items, but the real draw is that you can select from different proteins, and styles, and the chef will build you a meal based on your preferences. This is not some gimmick where they only have a few recipes that work for each choice; if everyone orders the same type of protein and style, everyone will receive completely different dishes that focus on highlighting seasonal, local produce and meats.

This is an awesome place to bring a date or friends to enjoy the beautiful space, and await the custom built surprise that the kitchen creates. We would suggest selecting a few of the small plates to start that are indicative of Chef Franco Barrio’s Peruvian roots. The ceviche was spot-on, and one of the most beautiful plates of the night was the grilled octopus with paprika and squid ink vinaigrette. As for the rest of the meal, Chef Franco built us an amazing ribeye steak with baby Japanese eggplants, and a sesame crusted swordfish that blew us away. It’s an interesting concept that will have you looking around to see just how many variations the team can create utilizing all the wonderful ingredients they have in house that particular day.

First off, the staff here offers an exceptional level of service, and as much as you put your faith in the Chef for the meal, you can totally count on your server to recommend and wine pairing for each dish.  In fact, we would suggest that you not make any decisions during your dining experience, and let the Bespoke kitchen be your guide from beginning to end, and trust that you will have an amazing, eye-opening experience for everyone at your table.