Posted: December 27, 2015

Creole food in an Electric Atmosphere with a Live Jazz Band – Big Daddy’s

If you regularly fantasize about over-flowing dishes of jambalaya, meaty wings coated in blue cheese-infused buffalo sauce, or flawlessly seasoned Bloody Marys, then we’re about to make your dreams come true. Big Daddy’s – a Massapequa staple over the past 2 decades – is one of few places on Long Island that specializes in southern cuisine, but the food and drinks are so good, it practically leaves you with no reason to look elsewhere.

When it comes to the menu, you’ll see a divide between creole/southern cuisine and barbecue offerings. Although their barbecue is slowly cooked on a commercial-grade pit and is equally as good as the southern dishes, we recommend sticking with the Louisiana-inspired choices because, hell, that’s why you’re going to this place.

The gumbo is a starter that you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s packed with flavor and each spoonful is excessively loaded with andouille sausage, beef, chicken, and rice. You can order a pint or quart, but don’t skimp, get the BIG one.

The wings we mentioned earlier are some of the best we’ve had. While you might be thinking to yourself, “but I can get wings anywhere”, our response to you is, “erroneous!”
These wings are huge and they’re slow-smoked prior to being flash fried. You’ll have 3 choices in flavors, one being the aforementioned “Lucifer” (buffalo sauce/blue cheese), another is the Sweet Habanero (which has a real strong kick), and if you’re feeling gutsy, order the Ghost Wings. Delicious, but EXTREMELY HOT, and will most likely have you salivating all over the table. We warned you.

For entrée, someone at the table has to get the jambalaya. For under $25, you get a gigantic amalgamation of andouille sausage, crawfish, smoked turkey, and tasso ham served over rice. Not only is the portion massive, but the combination of flavors will have you licking every last drop off of your spoon.

While it may go against our recommendation to stick with the creole-inspired fare, one dish that you may not find anywhere else and must try, is the Pork and Waffles. Slow-smoked pulled pork on a pepperjack & scallion belgium waffle, topped with melted cheddar, double house smoked bacon and bourbon maple syrup. If there was a dish out there that you would think you died and went to heaven after eating, this is the one.

This place is alive! Aside from good ol’ comfort food, they pour a ton of energy into making sure the drinks and ambiance lives up to their standard as well. The drink menu is littered with great drinks like the Hurricane, a Cajun-style Blood Mary, and many others that will have you flagging down a cab if you stick around too long.

If you’re a fan of brunch (and who isn’t?), then come on Sundays between 12-3pm. They have a live jazz band and drink specials to go along with all the great food we just informed you about.

Big Daddy’s = #noBSfood & #noBSdrinks