Posted: May 1, 2017

Tequila Makes My Clothes Come Off

There’s a few thoughts that go through your head when you find out about a new Mexican joint in NYC – “How is this going to be different from the others?” and “Goddamn, guac and margaritas never get old.” Camacho’s in Union Square manages to offer a different vibe while you’re there, while also serving up bomb-ass cocktails and Mexican fare.

This joint is right next to SideBar, so for those of you who are already getting into midday shenanigans, Camacho’s could be the perfect nightcap. As mentioned, the drinks are legit. Obviously margaritas should be your go-to, but if you’re looking to mix things up, or you simply want to get f*c%ed up, get a Bad Hombre. This 4-person serving of mescal, Cointreau, agave, and lime gets served up in a big skull-like fish bowl. Needless to say, you’ll be feeling like Jack Dawson when he’s on the front of the Titanic (before it went down).

Once you’re feeling like the king of the world, soak up some of the booze with guacamole, mini quesadillas, and tacos. The mini quesadillas, otherwise known as “Q-Dillas” are teeny tiny steak quesadillas served with cheddar cheese, mancho onions, pico de gallo and crema. They’re a fun finger-food and a great share item for the table.

The tacos are absolutely a must as well. By the time we got past a bowl of guacamole and the mini quesadillas, the tacos had started to become a blur. What did stand out was the robust flavors of the Mojo Steak tacos and the Coffee Glazed Short Rib tacos. The steak tacos had chopped avocado, garlic, papas fritas and chimichurri sauce while the short rib tacos were topped off with caramelized onions, slice radishes and mancho onions. Both very different, both (somehow) very memorable.

Camacho’s only serves up dinner and has limited seating, so plan ahead.  The interior is dimly lit, so if you’re on a first date, the lighting may help your chances to be slightly sexier that night. However, if you’re a foodie and looking to get some pics for the ‘gram, you may want to bring a flashlight.

Camacho’s = #noBSfood & #noBSdrinks