Posted: July 16, 2013

Carbone — Italian-American Food, 1950s Style

The brainchild of restaurateurs Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi, Carbone is a loving homage to a bygone era of Italian American Restaurants. Everything from the menu, to the décor, and even the waiters’ uniforms is carefully designed to evoke a particular era of 1950s New York.

The owners call their cuisine “mid-century, Italian-American fine dining,” and offer all the familiar dishes, but everything is bigger at Carbone. Everything is jumbo sized including the appetizers, and is priced accordingly. The linguini with clams includes three different kinds of clam, each as delicious as the other.  There is also various veal and chicken piccata, marsala and scarpariello each as large and filling as the last. Carbone is not afraid of abundance, with waiters swooping in to offer ever more food, complimentary extras and enticing desserts.

Carbone isn’t just a restaurant it’s an experience.
by: Antonio Urias

Carbone, NYC - Food 'n' Festivities. No BS.

181 Thompson Street
New York, NY 10012
Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 5:30 pm – 12 am; Friday – Saturday: 5:30 pm – 1 am
(212) 933-0707

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