Posted: December 17, 2015

Margaritas. Tacos. Bad Decisions. – Cascabel Taqueria

There’s something about the combination of margaritas and tacos that can brighten up any day. Gloomy outside? Boom, take the edge off with a cold margarita served over ice with a generously salted rim. Strapped for cash? There’s always Taco Tuesday lurking around the corner every week which allows you to not only splurge when you eat, but keep a few bucks in your pocket.

Cascabel Taqueria, one of our new favorite Mexican joints with two locations (UES & UWS), has a slew of knock-you-on-your-ass drinks and an array of tacos and burritos that are perfect for soaking up all that that alcohol.

Since you’re in a casual Mexican taqueria, we suggest you keep your order casual as well. A flight of tacos should suffice anybody’s craving. With a choice of any four tacos for $16 and almost a dozen choices to pick from, we recommend the chicken, steak, chorizo, and the carnitas.

Each one provided its own unique flavors, but the flavor that the carnitas packed was borderline overwhelming. Slow-roasted Berkshire pork butt, pickled red onion, roasted chili de arbol, crispy rice, and cilantro make this our #noBSfood suggestion.

If you’re looking to venture outside of tacos, the Gorditas Con Puerco and Queso Fundido are great options as well. The Gorditas are two fairly-monstrous pieces of heritage pork belly in a chipotle honey glaze, topped with cucumber and cilantro, and then packed between masa cakes. God, is there anything better than pork?

Two words – FIESTA TIME. Every Monday – Friday from 3-7pm, all margaritas and beers are $7, while there are approx. 10 offerings on the food menu for less than $5/each. If money ain’t no thang, then get blasted any time of day – lunch, dinner, or late night. The El Captain is cava and passionfruit made with domaine de canton, while the Watermelon Basil is a concoction of tequila, watermelon, basil leaf, fresh lime juice, and agave. Both bangin’. Both get the job done.

For those Man vs. Food fans, there will be a return of All You Can Eat Tacos for their “Monday Taco Madness” night. For only $25, you get unlimited tacos, unlimited Dos XX or Sangria and 4 Spicy Mexi Wings for two hours from 5pm til close. Go ahead and unbuckle your pants a bit.

Cascabel Taqueria = #noBSfood + #noBSdrinks