Posted: August 1, 2016

Indo-Chinese Fare in Williamsburg

If you live in Brooklyn, we’re sure you have spent hours scanning Yelp for that new, perfect place to eat, but have no idea what you’re in the mood for. Normally, you will scan forever, and just settle back to an old favorite, not wanting to take the risk of the unknown. The Chinese Club in Williamsburg is soon to be on that short-list of old favorites with a take on Chinese food by way of India. The owner explains that many of the dishes are what you would find in a Chinese restaurant in India, but he has added a lot of his own flare with a concentration on quality ingredients. They also have an interesting selection of cocktails, and soft drinks imported from India. If you’re in the mood to try something completely new and different, definitely check out The Chinese Club!

The best way to experience the menu here is to order a bunch of plates to share with the table. If you happen to be eating alone (we would totally make a solo trip here), please feel free to do the same thing and forget sharing. To start with, we would have to recommend the salt and pepper mushroom. It may sound simple, but the crispy tempura mushrooms have to be one of the best things on the menu and it’s also vegetarian. The next thing you have to try is the Chinese Bhel Salad with crispy Indian spiced noodles and avocado. For an entrée, go full Indian with the Butter Chicken. This is a recipe passed down through the Chef’s family, and will become something you crave well after you leave. Finally, there must be something illegal in this salt and pepper sauce because the salt and pepper steak is off the hook.

The Chinese Club offers some really interesting cocktails, and a few soft drinks that are imported from India. It’s worth mentioning that all the soft drinks are made by Coca Cola, but the flavors will pair really well with your meals. If it’s an adult beverage you’re after, try the Big Boss cocktail that is made with mango, lychee and mango pop bubbles (the type from a froyo joint). They also have some rare ciders and hard root beers that work well with all the spices that are in each dish.