Posted: March 1, 2017

One of the Best Lunches in NYC for Under $25

We’re not great cooks, but when it comes to Japanese barbecue… well, we’re pretty damn good. We took our expertise to Futago 25 for lunch the other day and put our cooking skills on display. Futago does a lot of things great, but for the price, their Teishoku-style yakiniku lunch offering is one of the best lunches you can get in the city.

For under $25, we slammed down two bento box-esque meals – one consisting of USDA Prime filet mignon and the other with USDA Prime kalbi (Korean barbecued short ribs). Both meals come with a plethora of sides, as most Asian BBQ places do, so be sure to bring your appetite. Laterally across from the delicious meats you’ll get well-portioned servings of assorted kimchi, garlic & spinach salad, Japanese-style stewed beef with potatoes (that could be a meal in itself), and of course, white rice… pleasantly topped with a piece of their crispy fried chicken.

Ensuring that you’re able to try almost every side on the menu with just one selection off the menu is a genius move. We might have ordered more than $20 in sides before we found out we would be able to try everything with our teishoku box.

Sure to be back again soon…

Futago 25 = #noBSfood