Posted: December 1, 2016

Steak Boards & French Onion Soup Fondue

Rockville Centre does a lot of things right. The nightlife is always fun, the pubs are solid, and the food options just keep on getting better. With the addition of GM Club Steak, RVC added its name to a list of restaurants in Long Island that we might be inclined to say are elite.

The menu here is innovative. GM Club Steak serves everything from tapas and small plates, to brawny steaks served on large “steak boards”. You may be inclined to kick your binge eating off with a few smaller offerings. Things like the Savory Griddled Crepe Stuffed with Goat Cheese or the Avocado Shrimp Toast might catch your eye (and should be ordered), but the Upside-Down Onion Soup Fondue and the Lobster Chili Pop are a must-try. The fondue is an accumulation of caramelized onions, sherry, gouda and gruyere cheeses in a small crock pot, like a French onion soup would be. The difference maker is that this is more of a fondue than a soup, and the addition of crostini and bread on the side makes this the perfect appetizer for a group to pick on. The Lobster Chili Pop is also a salivating option. Bite-sized lobster, deep-fried and flavored in a sweet & spicy chili sauce, all tucked inside of a gutted lobster tail. Not only does it taste delicious, but the presentation is brilliant as well.

Your main course must consist of steak. Yes, you’ll be tempted to get the Cedar Planked Wild Salmon, Andrea’s Brick Pressed Free Roaming Chicken, or possibly the Bacon-wrapped Shrimp, but the steaks are the star of this movie, so show some respect. If you want to be awestruck, the Dino Steak will do just that. This is a 36 ounce, dry-aged, tomahawk ribeye. Ladies and gentleman, you won’t see many of these, so relish the moment. If you want to tone down the presentation a bit, but still reap all the benefits of ordering a captivatingly delightful steak, then go with the Club Steak. This hunk of meat is a 20 ounce, dry-aged bone-in NY Strip and the flavors are unconceivable. Side dishes of Cauliflower Cheddar Tots and Loaded Mashed Potatoes bring the entire experience to levels nearing nirvana.

No matter what the occasion, the ambiance is proper. Relax in the lounge or at the bar while slurping down a glass of wine, craft beer, or a cocktail under an Edison bulb-lit dining room. Don’t get stumped deciding where to eat the next time you’re in RVC; make GM Club Steak be at the top of your dinner-date list.

GM Club Steak = #noBSfood