Posted: August 8, 2016

A Wonderfully Quaint Brunch in Greenwich Village

You owe Guy Beringer a huge “thank you.” You know that thing called brunch that everybody loves so much? Yea, he invented it. He’s the reason that fantastic spots like Greenwich Project draw large weekend crowds by serving up delicious brunch dishes such as Pork Belly Hash, Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes and the always fanciful Croque Madame. And did we mention it’s absolutely quaint AF? It’d be a mistake not to head there this weekend; Mr. Beringer would be disappointed.

It’s brunch, so everything is most likely going to be delicious. That’s why you start by ordering things you don’t often see on other menus, like the Pork Belly Hash. Fatty salty chunks of pork belly and seasoned potatoes peek out from underneath two poached eggs smothered in a Chipotle Hollandaise sauce. End of story.
Admit it, your inner child fills with excitement every time you see pancakes on a menu, and the Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes throws this feeling into high gear. Two huge fluffy flapjacks topped with a heap of berry compote and maple whipped cream help conjure up those delicious memories of fluffy childhood breakfasts.
You can’t say “Croque Madame” without feeling slightly pretentious, but we assure you that once you bite into one the feeling dissipates. Black Forest Ham and gruyere meld together between two golden pieces of toast topped with a sunny-side egg to make a melty yolky sandwich fit for only the luckiest of brunch-goers. And that means you.

The two-floored Greenwich Project’s lovely rustic feel makes like you’re eating in a homely dining room. The comfortable décor, white walls and exposed brick create a perfect brunch spot for families and friends to come together. Choose from a great selection of cocktails to pair with your food as well, like the spicy Garden Bloody Mary or the sweet Maquina Roja. Mr. Beringer would be proud.