Posted: October 8, 2015

Purple Haze, and Two Exotic Drinks Called the “Salty Dawg” & the “Harlem Sizzle” – Harlem Nights

It’s Friday night, and you’re looking for a comfortable bar with great music, a friendly staff and unique drinks like Purple Haze, the Salty Dawg and the Harlem Sizzle. Well, you’re lucky because places like Harlem Nights— an excellent new Harlem destination that now permanently solves your “where should we go tonight?” problem—exist.  And we always appreciate problem solvers.

Drinks (and Food):
The drink selection is impressive, and you’ll want to try everything. We recommend relaxing with an Abita Purple Haze to kick off your boozy itinerary; this crisp American style wheat beer has raspberry puree added after filtration, which gives the beer its fruity lingering finish and purple color. After you finish, indulge in something more inventive. Two cocktails you must pencil into your drinking schedule are the Salty Dawg and the Harlem Sizzle. The Salty Dawg is a smooth lightly-orange colored gin cocktail with salted cucumber puree for a crisp refreshing finish. The Harlem Sizzle has tequila, mixed berry puree and is garnished with candied jalapenos that the staff steeps in a habanero, Sriracha and pickled beet juice infused agave for an enjoyable kick of heat.

Harlem Nights is a hip bar that plays great music from all different genres. From the ceiling hang various musical instruments paying homage to the Harlem Renaissance, the artistic and cultural explosion, of the 1920s. Upcoming bands can showcase their talent on the back stage where the words Harlem Nights, carved out of wood, dangle alongside a disco ball. Black leather seats with tree stump ottomans line the walls. The staff makes you feel like family, and the clientele are young and fun.

Harlem Nights= #noBSfood

Harlem Nights
2361 7th Ave. at 138th Street, New York NY

Harlem Nights- Street View Harlem Nights- Bar 2 Harlem Nights- Candied Jalapenos Harlem Nights- Disco Ball and Wooden Name

by: Ryan Unger