Posted: May 24, 2016

A Drink Called the Burt Renolds and a Burger That Can Cure Any Hangover – Joe’s Bar

Many NYC residents will argue that there’s nothing greater than a happy hour with friends after work. When you combine discounted drinks with solid pub fare, you’ve got yourself a magical three hours on a weeknight. Joe’s, a classic American pub on the Upper West Side, is serving up delicious proprietary cocktails and classic pub fare, all under the roof of a 70’s-themed American retro-style bar… and not just for happy hour, but on a daily basis from 12pm – 4am.

Food & Festivities:

Joe’s is one of those places that seems to offer just about everything you can want, any time of the day that you want it. With minimal amount of hours that the doors are actually closed to the public, strolling in one a random Thursday night at 3am isn’t unheard of.

No matter what time of day you come, be sure your Joe’s itinerary includes cocktails. Lot of them. Each drink on their cocktail list is not only uniquely named (i.e. “Scooby Snack”, “Burt Reynolds”, and “Flash Gordon’s Breakfast”), but each one is meticulously crafted. Our personal favorite – the “Night Fever” – Reyka Vodka, raspberry cordial, Campari, Carpano Antica, and lime. Every component of your mouth will be delighted with just a sip of one of these bad boys.

If you stroll in early enough (not too early), take advantage of their hugely popular happy hour. If you come between 4pm – 7pm during the week, you can grab beers for as cheap as $4 and liquor for just $5. If you’re a wine drinker, you’re not excluded, they have a special for that also.

With all those drinks, you’re going to need to coat the belly with some good grub. The menu is limited, but when you’re pounding brews and making questionable decisions, the only thing you need is a solid burger to get you through the rest of the night. That’s where the Joe’s Burger comes into play – 8 ounces of Schweid + Son’s special blend of American chuck, brisket and short rib; hand-packed and cooked to order, then topped with their house-made Sloppy Joe and American cheese. Houston, we have lift off!

Upper West Side, we envy you.

Joe’s = #noBSfood & #noBSdrinks