Posted: May 19, 2016

Three Floors of Food, Drinks and Celebration – Madison Square Tavern

Any time you find yourself in a place that has three floors, each complete with its own bar and plenty of table space, you know you’re in for a great time. That’s why we suggest your friends, family, cousins, and distant relatives (twice removed) and head to Madison Square Tavern: a huge tri-level venue full of lively music, a fantastic drink selection and upscale American cuisine. You’ll eat, you’ll dance and you’ll return home a happier person. You’ve been warned.

There’s nothing like a good meatball. That’s why it’s imperative you put an order (or three) of them in once you take a seat. The beef/pork/veal mixture is served in a small cast iron dish with bubbling tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. Plus, they’re small, which makes them a great table share.

Question: What are two words that make mouths start watering? Answer: “Skirt Steak.” This juicy cut of meat sits atop seasoned broccoli rabe and ladled with a chimichurri sauce that elevates the already delicious flavor of the steak. It also comes with crispy parmesan tater tots. Sometimes, in life, there are reasons to complain; this is not one of them.

Ever eat a dessert so delicious you wanted it served in syringes so you could inject it directly into your veins. That’s what the Torta does. Rich chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream join forces to kick your sweet tooth in the face. Yea, it’s that good.

MST has a friendly staff, plenty of space for events and great energy. Every night of the week they run a different special, which makes each visit unique. They offer a complete secondary gluten-free menu to cater to those with dietary restrictions. An international selection of wine and 24 beers on tap make MST a great place for a quick drink or a delicious multi-course meal.

by: Ryan Unger