Posted: July 8, 2013

Ox Cart Tavern—Good Old American Comfort, with a Twist

Offering traditional American comfort food with a twist, Ox Cart Tavern is determined to make itself a neighborhood favorite. The bar’s name and décor deliberately callback the area’s rural past and Dutch heritage. For those less interested in a history lesson, Ox Cart provides multiple TVs, fine wine, beers, cocktails, and, of course, the food, which is made from scratch, even the ketchup.

Traditional bar food, and tavern fare consists of Soft Baked Pretzels, Fried Pickles, Crabcake Poppers, Fish, Pickles And Chips, and the wonderfully flavorful Pan Roasted Half Chicken. It is the Burger Board, however, with it’s eight different options, which Ox Cart Tavern rightly takes the most pride in. Though the crispy, hand-cut fries are accompanying stars.

Come for the food and the atmosphere. Stay for the Happy Hour.
by: Antonio Urias


burger w/ onion rings

burger w/ onion rings

Ox Cart Tavern
1301 Newkirk
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Hours: Mon-Fri: 6pm-12am; Sat-Sun: 12pm-12am
Happy Hour: Daily: 5pm-6pm and 10pm-11pm
(718) 284-0005

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