Posted: July 1, 2016

A Midtown Gastropub on Steroids

Wings. Beer. Sports.

Well, not quite, but we found a spot in Midtown that takes this concept and delivers it in a trendy, gastropub atmosphere. Proper West, a two-level, multi-purpose venue, has more range than Derek Jeter had at the shortstop position in his heyday. Their main focus is to serve as a sports bar with plenty of TVs to make sure nobody misses a play, but the space is so massive and upbeat, that it also allows for a great happy hour, solid night scene, and the perfect private party space which allows you to elude the masses during primetime drinking hours.

As usual, we had to tap into the food game, and a solid game it is. Open for both lunch and dinner, PW’s menu will leave you fulfilled no matter what time you go. Kick things off with the Chimichurri Shrimp – a sizable portion of shrimp, topped with avocado and intertwined with pickled red onion and roasted red pepper, then topped off with avocado and chimichurri sauce. Light, yet filling, and you won’t feel like you got gypped on the shrimp with $13 price tag.

For entrée, you can stick with your classic pub fare – wings, calamari, sliders, – or tap into the “gastro” portion of the menu that has more elaborate offerings like Black Truffle Caesar Salad with Grilled Steak, Shortrib Ragu, or generous servings of salmon and tuna. We highly recommend the Citrus Salmon – a healthy portion of grilled salmon topped off with a roasted red pepper vinaigrette, and then strategically arranged over asparagus spears and a cauliflower puree. Lights out.

If you’re a vegan (and who isn’t nowadays?), the Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese is without a doubt the best thing on the menu. In a simplistic way of describing it, it’s macaroni and cheese for adults. Gemelli pasta, cooked al dente, and laced with a creamy, almost alfredo-like sauce.

As mentioned, this place has a poppin’ happy hour (Monday – Friday) and the private event space is perfect. If you’re hosting a corporate event or a personal party, you’ll have sole access to the upper level where you’ll have your own bar/bartender and you don’t have to deal with shouldering people out of the way to get your next beverage.

No matter the day or time, Proper West = #noBSfood & #noBSdrinks