Posted: April 1, 2016

One Hell Of A Happy Hour With A Side Of American Cuisine – Public House

Ah, happy hour. That glorious time when we can unwind and complain about our nine-to-fives while merrily eating and drinking. But in NYC, happy hour isn’t just an afternoon activity; it’s a way of life. Public House—a loud lively spot located near Grand Central Station—caters to all those seeking a huge selection of alcohol and some damn good food to go with it.

Listen, we know how happy hour works: one drink turns into two, two drinks turn into six. So you’ll need something hearty to soak up those suds. The Cheesesteak Spring Rolls are a perfect option if you crave quality, but not quantity. Shaved ribeye steak, chipotle peppers and jalapeno jack cheese gives you a bite-size taste of Philadelphia. It also comes with spicy ketchup, so make like Michael Jordan and dunk away.

Now, remember, meat is your friend. And in order to strengthen that friendship, pencil in a playdate with the Pork Chop and the Braised Short Ribs. The pork is thick, moist, crusted in peppercorn and served on a heap of seasoned mashed potatoes with a dollop of pineapple salsa on top. The braised short rib is tender enough to cut with a spoon, and served with Brussel sprouts and dried cherries atop a sweet carrot puree.  Like we said, meat is your friend. Get to know meat.

Public House caters to a very large happy hour crowd from 4p-7p on weeknights. On Tuesdays, diners have the option of a prix-fixed dinner special with unlimited wine for 90 straight minutes (did you feel your liver cringe?). The high-ceilinged dining room allows for plenty of space to hang with friends or co-workers. If you hang around after happy hour ends, Public House cranks up the music with live DJ’s.

Public House= #noBSdrinks & #noBSfood

by: Ryan Unger