Posted: September 24, 2013

*CLOSED* The Antidote to Stuffy French Food – Sel et Gras

Sometimes the best things in life go undiscovered.

Well, at the risk of letting the secret slip, we’d venture to say it’s time the rest of Manhattan learn about the West Village’s haven of updated French plates, well-dressed European 30-somethings and deliciously inexpensive vin.

Sel et Gras, the self-proclaimed antidote to “stuffy French food,” has the air of a candlelit garage in a very chic Parisian suburb. This angular, gritty-come-trendy eatery combines a stylish bistro atmosphere and a distinctly New York touch, with graffiti-covered walls and an inherent vibe.

While the service lands somewhere between aloof and curtly affable, the food here is lovely. Tuck yourself into one of 10 or so two-top tables on either side of the mahogany bar and feast on shareable dishes like duck rillettes with whole grain mustard and garlic fries served with a parmesan-garlic butter – and, perhaps more importantly, imbibe happily with a bottle from an approachable (ahem, affordable) wine list.
By: Daisy Melamed

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