Posted: July 6, 2016

No Crap on Tap & Bangin’ Diversified Food

Taproom 307 is not your usual, run-of-the-mill, burger and wings joint in Kip’s Bay; at least not any more. This spot has a new chef that is knocking pub-grub out of the freaking park, and serving up an insane variety of craft beers, and high-quality cocktails.  The ever-changing list of specials has bites from all over the globe, and a beer list that is painstakingly curated by their in-house Cicerone (look it up…). Whether you want a brick oven pizza, steamed pork buns or a 25 oz braised short-rib for 2, you are going to find it at this place.

Every dish here has an attention to detail that will have you over-ordering like a madman just to try something else. They serve twice-cooked crispy wings with 4 different sauces that are completely made in-house, and even a blue cheese aioli replaces the standard wing dip. And who doesn’t love a pillowy, steamed bun filled with plum-glazed pork belly, pickles and green onions? If you looking for entrees, we recommend the burrata pizza with beer infused dough, artichokes and cheese sauce. This thing comes out with a giant ball of burrata that you break open and spread across the pizza, while trying not to laugh as jealous on-lookers frantically scan the menu to figure out what it is.  Finally, the Taproom burger is delicious, and let’s be serious, anything smothered in beer-cheese sauce and onion rings is a winner. The menu here is constantly under construction, so don’t judge based on the online menu, you really need to go in and check out what’s they’ve got for that day. You won’t be disappointed.

Taproom 307 take a “No crap on tap” approach to their beer selection, and how they run a bar. They have over 40 taps, and the manger is a trained sommelier who works closely with their Cicerone (did you look it up yet?) to make sure they are well stocked at the bar and in the cellar. They are even aging their own tequila in bourbon barrels behind the bar if you’re feeling adventurous. With this much passion for ingredients and attention to detail, it’s no surprise that they also have some great seasonal cocktails. We would recommend the “Cranberry Summer,” with whiskey, cranberry compote and mint or the “Strawberry Cider” for a heat wave thirst-quencher.

Taproom 307 = #noBSfood & #noBSdrinks