Posted: July 13, 2016

Authentic Greek Cuisine and Craft Beer Flights

What do you get when you combine 30 tap craft beers, authentic Mediterranean fare, and an ambiance suitable for practically everyone? Ted’s Corner Tavern. The name might throw you for a loop leading you to believe you’re visiting a pub named after some dude named Ted, but it’s quite the contrary. Ted’s is a sophisticated restaurant that is great for happy hour, girls’ night out, or to watch a major sporting event (in a classy environment of course).

As mentioned, the food is genuine. With a Greek-inspired menu, tzatziki, feta cheese, and deliciously warm pita are constantly flying out of the kitchen. While these ingredients may frequent the menu quite a bit, you’ll also have some diversity in your options with a charcuterie and/or cheese board offering, truffle mac ‘n’ cheese, Taverna bratwurst with pickled onions and mustard, and lamb tacos (to name a few).

Our suggestion – stay Greek. The Sushi Grade Octopus is one of the best we’ve ever had. Terrifically tender octopus marinated with parsley, scallions, peppers, and oil, then grilled to perfection. Each succulent piece of ‘pus will engulf your taste buds like you’ve never experienced before.

While you may not be looking for a “sandwich” for dinner, the Pita Sandwiches fall nothing short of delightful. You’re guaranteed a warm, fresh pita bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, and feta cheese on your sandwich, and then you’ll have to choose between four options to infuse your sandwich with protein – herbed chicken, roasted rosemary lamb, halloumi gyro & spicy sausage, or Theo’s meatballs. No matter what you choose, you can assure yourself that you made the right choice.

The dips are superb as well. Tzatziki (yogurt/cucumbers/dill), Melitzanosalata (eggplant), Tyrokafteri (feta & roasted peppers), and Hummus (chickpeas) round out the majority of the options. No matter which you go with, you’ll be slurping the remains up with more of that warm pita bread.

If you’re familiar with the location, this used to be Third & Long. Needless to say, that sports bar is long gone and the transition to Ted’s has allowed for a stylish, more chic environment that draws a more sophisticated crowd. They haven’t strayed too far from their structural roots, however, maintaining two of the TVs behind the bar which are generally used during major sporting events.

The seating is limited, so show up early or you can attempt to call ahead. Be sure to try the specialty cocktails and if you’re a beer drinker, a beer flight better be one of the several alcoholic beverages you consume that night.

Ted’s Corner Tavern = #noBSfood & #noBSdrinks